Did you know basketball was invented at the Y?  Dr. James Naismith created the game back in 1891, hanging simple peach baskets, and using a soccer ball to play.  Today, the Y’s adult recreation basketball program provides a competitive environment for those not ready to hang up their athletic shoes! Registration is taken by team but interested individuals not on a team can speak with the League Director who can often find a team to join.

Martial Arts contributes to increased physical strength, flexibility, balance, control, discipline, and spirituality. Students train with others at their own skill level, progressing from basic stances, punches, blocks, and kicks, to the study of more advanced Katas (patterns of movement) and defense objectives earning belts along the way.

Pickleball is a tennis-like game played on a badminton-sized court. It is played with a composite paddle and a wiffle ball over a net. It is easy for beginners to learn. The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati provides open courts and leagues.

This is a sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court. Racquetball courts are available for play and can be reserved for Y members and guests. 

A great team sport, volleyball is good exercise and lots of fun. The Y offers indoor and outdoor recreational and league volleyball for men and women who want to build friendships, stay in shape, and have fun. Registration is made by team, but interested individuals can talk to the sports director about finding a team that needs more members.  Leagues form throughout the year.

 Originally called mintonette, volleyball was created by the YMCA. The experimental game of mintonette combined a variation of the badminton net with elements of basketball, the German game of fistball and handball. The first volleyball game was played at Springfield College in 1896.
Each Y location provides programs, based on the needs of their members. Details about each program, including description, days, times, and cost can be found by visiting the YMCA Welcome Center. 

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