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3 Best Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Summer jobs are very important for teenagers to learn valuable life and work skills, while also earning a little extra spending money.

3 Best Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Summer jobs are a great opportunity for teenagers to learn the value of hard work, while also boosting their resume and earning some extra spending money.  They will also learn a variety of skills that will help them throughout the rest of their life.  With so many different summer jobs available for teens, it’s important to find which type of summer job is the best fit.

Lifeguard / Swim Instructor

One of the classic summer jobs for teenagers is a lifeguard or swim instructor.  Of course, this type of job is only a good fit for excellent swimmers.  As a swim instructor, teens will have the opportunity to work with people of all ages and help them feel comfortable in the water and eventually learn how to swim.  To be a swim instructor, it is required to have certain skills and training to make sure they can safely teach others proper swimming techniques.

As a summer lifeguard, teenagers are vital in ensuring the safety of all swimmers they are supervising.  In addition, they will have to enforce pool rules, making lifeguarding a great job for teens to learn leadership.  To become a lifeguard, teens are required to undergo specific training to be sure they are prepared for any emergency they may face.

Camp Counselor

For many people, summer camp is often some of their fondest memories to look back on.  One of the best things about being a summer camp counselor is the opportunity to be a role model and create amazing memories for kids.  In addition, camp counselors get to be a part of the fun and have their own summer adventure while making new friends themselves.  Whether you are a day or overnight camp counselor, both positions will give you great working experience in the great outdoors.

Babysitter / Kids Club Staff

If you love working with kids, then babysitting or a kids club staff member might be your dream job.  Working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs because it can be a great experience if you hope to be a parent someday.  In addition, working with children as a teen can also be a beneficial experience if you hope to be a teacher or any other role that works with young kids.

Qualifications for babysitting and other childcare are dependent on the location, but taking a babysitting certification class is a great way to get started and learn the basics of childcare.  Certifications are a good way to stand out as an applicant for childcare or babysitting.

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is an equal opportunity employer with a variety of jobs available depending on your experience and skills.  Our summer jobs are great opportunities for teenagers to learn numerous life skills that will benefit them throughout their future careers and personal life.  Working at the Y isn’t just a job- it’s an experience with a cause.  Check out our current open positions and apply for a job at the Y today!

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