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4 Benefits to YMCA Holiday Camps

There are many benefits to enrolling your children in a YMCA holiday camp this season.

As holiday break is approaching, new ideas to keep the children active, busy, and engaged are needed. That’s why the YMCA offers holiday or seasonal camps. Even if you haven’t experienced a camp with us before, there are many benefits to attending this year.


For school-age children, School Days Out offers continuous care during school breaks. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is in a safe, nurturing, and educational environment.


Besides changing up the monotony of daily winter break routines, it will also allow children to develop important behavioral and cognitive skills that will benefit them for life. Here are a few other benefits to consider when it comes to signing up for holiday camps:


Social Skill Enrichment

When children are in a social setting compared to when children are at home, they behave differently and get to experience different social skills. A holiday camp allows children to have a break from their normal school and home settings and be exposed to new and engaging environments with different children.

At camp, children go beyond their normal home routines and classroom activities that can limit their self-expression. They have the freedom to interact with children with different social skills than their own. This encourages them to learn and communicate with people no matter the setting and develop useful lifelong skills.

Problem-Solving Skills Practice

Holiday camps are a way to allow children and young adults to work on their problem-solving skills in a controlled setting. While children often have heavy academic curriculums in school, at a YMCA Holiday camp, there are a variety of skills taught and practiced. However, unlike school, there is no pressure to perform or solve a question or riddle. Holiday camp is a way for a child to learn to find several solutions to one problem, which Is a skill that they will use for years to come.


Exposure to Diversity

Children’s social interactions often are mostly limited to local schools, social groups, or neighbors. These groups often share the same points of view on different topics and beliefs. Attending a holiday camp allows for exposure to diversity. Holiday camps at the YMCA invite and include children of all ages, groups, faiths, beliefs, and traditions. This added exposure to diversity can expand children’s views and teach them to understand, cooperate, and respect people from many diverse backgrounds.


Peace of Mind

You can rest assured while you tend to other tasks or work that your child is well cared for in a safe, nurturing environment. Parents can drop off their children on their days off to make new friends, create projects and crafts, and participate in educational enrichment activities – all while having fun of course!


The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati understands the importance of hosting and providing these holiday camps and providing various options for children and parents to choose from. We have various options available that have been created and scheduled with your holiday season schedule in mind. We promise a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for your children to learn, grow, and develop.

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