4 Steps to Developing a Workout Plan

A personal trainer may be outside of your budget right now, but this shouldn’t discourage you from having an effective workout routine. You can make a plan on your own! There are many free and accessible resources for finding information about making the ideal workout for your body-type, schedule, and goals, so make one that will help you succeed. With these four steps, you can develop your own workout in no time!

Consider Your Goals

What are you looking for out of a workout plan? Are you looking to lose weight? Improve overall health? Train for a marathon? Having a clear goal of what you are working out for is crucial to your fitness success, because goals are great motivation. Be realistic, seek support, and remember to take one day at a time – fitness is a journey!

Decide on a Schedule

One of the things a trainer would do is build a personalized workout schedule. A mixture of activity and rest is essential for a successful workout plan, because overdoing it could result in burn out or injury. First, decide which days you would like to exercise, and which days you would like to rest. For most, five days of activity and two days of rest is a good plan, so build it around what you know works for you. And if you find yourself extra tired on a day that you are supposed to be active, consider a slower paced activity like a long walk or light intensity yoga.


Stay Consistent

Now that you’re exercising with your workout plan, consistency is key. Tips for sticking to a routine include progressing at your own pace, building activities into your daily routine, allowing enough time for recovery, and tracking your progress either on paper, with your phone, or by sharing your goals with friends or family. If you feel yourself needing some motivation, be creative! Maybe your workout routine needs more variation, like walking or riding a bike. By having fun with your workout plan, you’re more likely to be consistent.


Monitor Progress

After six to eight weeks of your workout plan, check in with your progress. You may notice that your exercise is showing, or maybe it isn’t. Either way, this progress check-in is a way to figure out what is working and what can be improved in your workout plan. If you feel you have lost motivation, try a new activity or reframe your goals. Monitoring your progress is an overlooked step of all workout plans.


And if you don’t want to work out alone, join a group class at the YMCA! Group Fitness Classes at the YMCA provide a built-in accountability system that is proven to transform your goals into results. You will find a community, social support, and can add variety to your workout with group fitness classes. The YMCA supports your health and wellness at every age and every level, and we offer programs available for seniors, youth, and teens.  No matter what your workout plan is, we can help you succeed! Contact us today to learn more.

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