5 Days of Action

Join in on the Five Days of Action and help create a safer world for the children in your life. We know things are a little different right now, but we can still keep kids safe - One Day at a Time.

Keep Your Kids Safe

At the Y, we care about kids when they’re in our facilities and programs, and also when they’re at home and out in the community.

  • Staff attend regular trainings to identify red flag behaviors in children.  Many of our staff give us feedback that the education they receive is new content which helps them with volunteering in other organizations, working in other youth-serving programs, and even teaching in a classroom.
  • Classrooms have quick checks completed to ensure safe spaces for kids.
  • Our summer camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association to make sure facilities and programs are safe and keeping the most current tips top-of-mind.

We know the way parents and caregivers protect kids may look different in the current environment as they are adapting to new scenarios. The Five Days of Action is providing relevant, helpful resources for adults to navigate this time and continue to protect kids from sexual abuse.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Technology and the internet connect people worlds apart, and for kids provides an opportunity to learn, explore, and socialize. But there are also dangers that come along with the internet.

With schools moving to digital learning, your kids may be spending more time online. Whether playing games, having classes or socializing with friends, they are in front of a screen more than normal. So, how do you ensure they are staying safe online? By talking to your kids, educating them, and putting safeguards in place, you can help them have safer digital experiences.

Just like you would if your children were going to a friend’s house, it’s important to set some ground rules, be proactive, and keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved.

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