As the summer draws to an end, the fall season is now upon us. With pumpkin-flavored everything, aromatic candles, and an extra blanket for chillier nights, now is a great time to spice up fall with these 8 fun, family activities. Here are some ideas for how to make this autumn the most memorable one yet.


  1. Take a hike: The fall weather is beautiful, and a hike is a great opportunity to enjoy breath-taking nature after a long, hot summer. Research local trails and be sure to check the difficulty level if you are hiking with children. Be prepared for anything by packing extra water, snacks, and a camera to capture the incredible views.


  1. Go watch a sports game: Fall is one of the best seasons for watching sports. It doesn’t have to be a professional team either, maybe one of your family members plays for a league. Make some signs, wear the team colors, and bring some popcorn to the next local sports game and cheer them on! Check online or in the local paper for sporting events happening near you.


  1. Have a bonfire: If you live in a fire safe area, having a bonfire is sure to create memories of a lifetime for your family. Between the unmistakable smell that lingers on clothes and hair to deliciously crafted hot dogs and marshmallows, sitting around a bonfire is the perfect fall activity. For precaution, have buckets of water around the area and stay cautious and alert while practicing proper fire safety.

  1. Family Fun Run: Around the holiday season, many companies and businesses host “fun runs,” a more relaxed, easy-going version of a 5K, which doesn’t have to entail running the entire distance either. If children are too young to run, they might love to cheer on their parents and family from the sidelines. Be sure to train your body at your local YMCA before the run and get warmed up with some stretching and jogging. Or, try a YMCA group fitness class and maybe you will meet some other runners.

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch or farm: There are many local farms and pumpkin patches that are open during the fall season. Fall activities at these places may include apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes, and interactions with farm animals. This is a great experience for children, and a fun afternoon for adults too!

  1. Garden: While spring is typically the season for new plant life, the fall is a great time for gardening. These activities might include pulling up dead plants, cleaning up your summer harvest, tilling the soil, and spreading new soil for spring. Be sure to also check out what bulbs can grow throughout the winter in your area and pop up in the spring as a flower garden.

  1. Crafts: There are so many fun, fall crafts for the whole family and making them is a great opportunity to bond as a family. The craft doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, it can be as simple as a hand-traced turkey. Research online what type of fall crafts are realistic for your family, or check out your local library for crafting and DIY books.


  1. Visit the Y: With new activities, sports, and programs, the YMCA is a great place to spend the fall with your family. Whether you are preparing for a fun run, enrolling your child in a craft night, or just exercising for the holiday season, check out our fall schedule to find something fun for your family today!



YMCA of Greater Cincinnati