indoor activities for familyindoor activities for family

With schools closed, extracurricular activities on hold, and many parents working from home, you may be starting to get a little stir-crazy! There are only so many hours you can spend laying in front of the TV before everyone gets bored and antsy, so spice up your free time with something else. Here are some of our favorite indoor activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Break Out the Puzzles and Games

When’s the last time your whole family had time to sit together and play some old-school indoor activities? You can split into teams like girls vs. boys or kids vs. adults and make it a friendly competition to see who wins the most rounds of a game or which team finishes a puzzle first. For some ideas to get you started, check out Good Housekeeping’s top board games or try some new games with just a deck of cards.

Bring the Outdoors In

Have a fun evening of camping in your living room! Gather blankets and pillows to make an epic fort where the whole family can experience camping in the great indoors. Don’t forget to make some stovetop smores and sing campfire songs!

Try a New Recipe

Whether you’re baking a special treat or just making dinner, cooking is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun together. Try a different theme every night for a week – pizza on Monday, taco Tuesday, Italian Wednesday, and so on. Or you can have each member of the family pick a recipe for a different meal. Either way, cooking together is a fun indoor activity to bring the whole family together!

Play an Active Game

After a while of being cooped up inside the house, kids can start to get restless and antsy. Burn off some of that energy with an active game to keep them entertained! Simple ones like Simon Says or twister are great to get kids moving and having fun. Or you can create an indoor obstacle course with different activities that the whole family can participate in! The YMCA also offers different online workout classes so you can keep up a healthy lifestyle even if the gyms are closed right now. Make it a fun family workout with fun classes like Zumba!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is a fun way to get kids moving around the house! You can make it related to a word or math problem, have different riddles for them to solve, or make it cleaning-related to get them to clean up as they move onto different locations. You can even make it a themed hunt, such as a safari, by printing photos to go with each location. Make it as intricate or simple as you like!

Indulge in a Spa Day

Staying at home all day can be exhausting! Reward yourself with a spa day with your kids. Make homemade facemasks, paint each other’s nails, and try some yoga and meditation poses to really relax. Or make it silly by giving each other makeovers, experimenting with new hairstyles, and trying bold makeup looks that you would never rock outside the house.

Get Creative

There are plenty of online sites with different crafts ranging in difficulty levels and materials needed. You can find a picture online and have everyone try their hand at recreating their interpretation of the image through drawing or painting. And if crafting isn’t really your thing, get creative in the kitchen with fun science experiments! Then you can combine fun indoor activities with learning for the whole family.

The YMCA is here for you through this time of staying at home and getting creative with how you live your life. While our facilities aren’t open, we still have plenty to offer the community through workout videos, family activities, and more. Check out all that we have available and know that we will get through this, together.

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