Gary Moffett

Gary Moffett has been nominated by Blue Ash YMCA for his commitment to volunteer services the past 3 years. Outside of his usual duties of straightening up the fitness center and maintaining the various areas of the Y, he loves any opportunity to complete tasks outside. Now retired, Gary spends his free time volunteering at the Y and his church, working with community health programs, and tutoring during the school year. He tries to be outside as much as he can, saying “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” Gary is greatly inspired by Audie Murphy, one of WWII’s most decorated soldiers, Medal of Honor recipient, and later actor, for his perseverance despite his battle with PTSD. Gary says that over the years, he has learned “Expressing gratitude is important. If you’re grateful for someone you should let them know you appreciate what they have done for you.” Gary loves volunteering at the Y; “I’m giving back and doing something constructive for a good organization. It’s time well spent.” THANK YOU, Gary, for all of your hard work keeping the Y in great shape!

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati