Bring Your Friend to
Work(out) Week

The week of September 17-24 we encourage our members to bring a friend to their favorite workout or fitness class. Many of our branches are hosting Group Exercise Sampler days to give our community even more opportunities to try a new class.

Complete a Bingo Board this week

Remember ‘Bring your son/daughter to work day’? We’re doing it at the Y… with a twist!

It’s Bring your FRIEND to workOUT week!

Grab your closest buddy (or invite your neighbor, dog walker, mailman, etc.) to work out with you at the Y this week for FREE!

Simply show this email to serve as your “guest pass”, and you’re in! Double the smiles, sweat, and strength by working out together.

Participating YMCAs will host a “Group Exercise Sampler” day, where 30-minute, bite-sized classes will be offered for you and your bestie to try together!

But want to hear something even MORE exciting? Play our “BINGO” game for the chance to win a $500 self-care bundle; you deserve it! Bingo boxes include participating in Group Exercise classes, trying something new, introducing yourself to a stranger, and more. Grab a card to 5-in-a-row your way to a spa day!

M.E. Lyons YMCA
Wednesday, September 20

Central Parkway YMCA
Saturday, September 23

Campbell County YMCA
Saturday, September 23

Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA
Saturday, September 23

Clippard Family YMCA
Sunday, September 24

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati