Sharing the Magic of Camp

The YMCA helped shape Bill's life as a child, now he is giving that opportunity to children from his hometown Y branch.

Bill’s parents were among the founding members at the Powel Crosley, Jr YMCA in the 1960s. Bill’s whole family enjoyed all the aspects the Y offered, including overnight camp at Camp Ernst. Decades later, Bill reconnected with the Camp Ernst alumni community and was inspired by a camp friend to make a contribution in support of camper scholarships. His hope was that his gift could benefit a family already involved in Powel Crosley Y programming, to enhance their YMCA experience and introduce the children to overnight camp.

Amy Durbin, Powel Crosley Executive, came together with Elizabeth Cochran, Camp Executive, to coordinate the camp scholarship. The team at Powel Crosley was quick to identify Keisha and her three children as enthusiastic recipients. Keisha’s kids were regular participants in the before and after school program and attended Y programming during the pandemic care and scholastic center (virtual school) phases last year. Keisha was so grateful for the opportunity for her children to experience overnight camp at the Y, deepening their connection to the organization which had already provided them with achievement, relationship, and belonging!

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati