Social Responsibility

Seniors Working Out with weights

Why It’s Important for Seniors to Workout

Why it’s Important for Seniors to Workout Consistent exercise is important for seniors to be mindful of as it will improve mental health, prevent disease, decrease the risks of falls, and improve ...

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Water Safety | Kids wearing a life jacket

Water Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Importance of Water Safety Swimming and spending time around water are fun for the whole family year-round. Making memories around the pool or at the lake will create lasting memories for kids ...

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Sun Safety

The Importance of Sun Safety

Why is Sun Safety Important? Summertime is most often when people begin to think about sun safety, but it should be considered throughout the year. It’s important to think about best practices ...

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Celebrating PRIDE Month 2022

At the Y, Pride Month is another opportunity to live our mission: ‘Building and Strengthening Community’. It is because of our mission that we are committed to providing a safe, welcoming ...

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Aljeaner (Jeana) is a dedicated teacher at one of our Early Learning Centers; she has been for over 27 years! Jeana is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant. We encourage you to read her ...

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