YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

New Year Resolutions

Setting New Year Resolutions

It’s Time to Set New Year Resolutions At the end of every December, many like to do a mental recap on the things that they accomplished during the year. They also like to make a list of things ...

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It’s a #NewYearNewY

The year 2020 was full of twists and turns, to put it mildly! Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic of racial violence, and nationwide economic downturn, our communities have shifted ...

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Winter Activities

Winter Activities and Events for Family

Winter Activities and Events For Family   As winter comes, so does colder weather. However, colder weather doesn’t mean that the fun has to go away! Many might think that a drop in the ...

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Transformational Gift

“We are humbled by this level of investment in our local community.” said YMCA of Greater Cincinnati President and CEO Jorge Perez. “The support of our local donors and members, along with the ...

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Holiday Camps

The Benefits of Holiday Camps

Even if you’ve never experienced a holiday or seasonal camp before, there are a ton of reasons to send children to one. Not only does it provide them with a change from their daily routines, but ...

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