How we demonstrate and receive love says a lot about us. It sometimes tells the story of our family culture, and even our future hopes and dreams. Sometimes love is demonstrated largely and loudly. Other times love can be communicated unassumingly simple. Believe it or not, I experienced this demonstration of love from an order of BBQ!

One weekday evening, I wanted something quick and comforting and immediately thought of a BBQ restaurant in a community I used to frequent. After finishing my meal, I noticed the words “We’re praying for you.” scribbled on my brown bag. Thinking this was a joke I ventured to the restaurant’s website and saw an area where you could actually submit your prayer requests! Not only was my bag not a joke, they went a step further and provided an entire platform to show the love of Jesus through prayer. I was reminded in that moment that powerful demonstrations of love can come in the most unexpected ways. I also learned that we can show God’s love in all that we do…..even with BBQ.
What are some ways you can show Gods’ love to those around you? How are you showing God’s love to yourself?
As Chaplain, I have the unique opportunity to meet the spiritual needs of our amazing YMCA family. Serving you in this capacity is my distinct honor. I look forward to connecting with you should you ever need me.
The following are my standing chaplain hours:
Tuesdays 9AM-11AM
Thursdays 3PM-5PM
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