Covid-19 Update 11/16/20

By now, you have heard that Ohio’s Governor DeWine has warned us of the growing challenge of COVID spread. He also reissued a mask order and forecasted possible implications for bars, restaurants and fitness centers, if the number of positive Covid-19 cases continues to remain high or show no improvement.

While we don’t know what is going to happen, we are engaged in a variety of outreach efforts:
  • We are working with the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs to advocate keeping our wellness centers open.
  • We are communicating our strides in preventing COVID spread due to our safety/cleaning procedures. Since June, we have had three suspected COVID transmissions among 385,194 visits and 12 locations.
  • We are increasing our online and COVID relief efforts (food distribution, online tutoring, online classes) throughout the region.
Please know that we take the impact of COVID-19 very seriously and have worked hard to provide the safest environment possible. Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure safety (wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands) and supporting our relief efforts (donations, volunteerism.) This year has been challenging for our communities, our families and our team. I am grateful for your partnership as we work together to respond to changing needs and transform our YMCA. You have been a silver lining to our community and us!
These are tough and uncertain times, so we must help protect each other. Together, we will adapt and continue to create environments where our friends can reach goals, make friends and find a place to belong.
YMCA of Greater Cincinnati