Discover Your Why, Discover Your Y

A message on the importance of building community as we enter a new year.

A new year, a clean slate, a blank canvas.

But it feels a bit too familiar. The slate is smudged, this canvas already has a color…

We have exhausted our storehouses of optimism and endless “we got this” mentality.

“Tired” doesn’t even begin to capture our body’s collective groan.

But somehow—with grace, curiosity, and patience—we know what to do. We put one foot in, we take one foot out, we do the hokey-pokey of our everyday rhythms—for our kids, for our partners, for our families, for our communities.

We can help you re-establish those familiar rhythms, those life patterns that provide stability and consistency. We have been here since day 1, marching onward and finding our WHY in a world of chaos and uncertainty.

Friends, this never-ending dance is our way out—leaning on old moves and rhythms, and also trying new patterns and opportunities. We’re creating a new future of togetherness so that our current collective groans can turn into sighs of relief and joy.

For when we move together, our solitary actions feel less awkward and less meaningless.

Our collective movements begin to reflect beauty and strength—a new way OUT!

Our bodies grow stronger, our minds more open to new ways of being a community, new ways of strengthening ourselves, and new opportunities to fill our storehouses!

When it feels like too much to come visit, we’ll come to you. Move that coffee table out of the way and tune into our virtual options on demand.

The connections you seek are close at hand. The strength you seek is one button away. The difference you want to make is happening here at the Y!

And when you do come for a visit, we have your health and safety at the front of our minds, leaning on tried-and-true public health practices as well as adapting to new information to keep you and your family safe during the pandemic.

We sure don’t have all the answers. But we know enough to skip a couple of questions and finish this test. Knowing that we’ll be graded on the curve of kindness, grace, and concern for one other.

We’re here for you and to encourage you to find your new rhythm, rediscover your whY, and continue walking (or dancing) to a brighter future.

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati