Clippard Winter Basketball 2021 - Register Now!

Winter Basketball will look a little different this year but we hope you can join us in January! Registration is open from November 4th - December 31st!

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Practice & Game Location: Clippard Family YMCA
Ages: 3-13 years
Age Divisions: 3 year olds, 4/5 year olds, 6/7 year olds, 8/9 year olds, and 10-13 year olds
First Practice: week of January 4 (based on the night your team practices – you’ll pick at time of registration) No practices for 3-7 year olds until Saturday January 16th.
First Game: January 16th
Last Game: March 6th
Make-up Game: March 13th
Registration Dates: November 2- December 31
Price: $65 for Members; $120 for Non-Members


Team Rosters

  • League is set up to host players, ages 3-13 years.
  • Teams will be in groups of 10 players and 1 coaches.
  • Practices will be held on weeknights at the Clippard in 45-minute practice sessions (excluding our 3-7 year old age divisions -they will practice/play on Saturdays) and games will be held on Saturdays at the Clippard Family YMCA.


  • All players, coaches, spectators will enter through the Gym Entrance of the YMCA (entrance closest to Poole Rd) for games and upon completion of games will exit through the main building entrance to keep traffic flow moving in one direction.
  • All players, coaches, and parents must have their temperature taken upon entry to the facility. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted into the facility.
    • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must remain home.
  • Masks must be worn into the facility for ages 6 and older. Masks must remain on during their practice unless they are on the court in active play. Coaches must wear masks at all times.
  • Hands must be sanitized upon entering the facility and playing. Sanitizing stations are available at check-in and in the gym (as well as throughout the building).
  • Practice and game times will be staggered so that the previous team/game spectators will have enough time to leave the facility. In cases of overlap, all players & coaches that are waiting to take the court should remain in their own group until everyone from the previous game has left the confines of the court and court area and can maintain 6’ social distancing.
  • The YMCA will provide practice and game balls for all meetings and will disinfect between each team meeting session.
  • No handshakes, high fives, etc., after the game due to COVID; however, we strongly encourage each team to say good game from their own player’s bench area.
  • Teams are to leave the court immediately after games so that areas can be disinfected and cleaned.
    • Make sure that your team picks up all trash (I.e. water and Gatorade bottles) before leaving the court.


  • ONLY (2) adult spectators per family are permitted into the facility at this time for all practices and games.
  • All spectators will have their temperature checked prior to entry into the facility.
    • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted into the facility.
  • Masks must be worn (covering the nose and mouth) by all spectators when entering the facility and remain on throughout their time in the facility.
  • Spectators should maintain 6’ social distancing whenever possible in the facility and during practice/games.
    • It’s strongly encouraged to bring chairs for floor seating whenever possible and space allows.
  • Congregating before or after events should be avoided.


  • Jerseys will be included in the cost of registration and will arrive to be passed out by the first game. Early registration is encouraged to ensure that your jersey arrives by the first week.
    • NOTE-late registrations may risk their jersey not arriving with the rest of the team. We’ll do our best to ensure they arrive by the first game.


Understand these guidelines restrict many aspects of our typical Youth Basketball program. Please know that we have worked tirelessly to restructure our program season to provide a fun, safe, and instructional program to build your child’s athleticism, coordination, basketball ability, self-confidence, and other essential attributes. Thank you for staying with us through these trying times!

Contact Information- For more information on our league, contact Cindy Rizzo at

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati