How to Look For The Right Childcare

The right childcare for you and your family is right around the corner! Be sure to look into our childcare options and see if it fits your and your child`s needs today!

Finding the right childcare that is the perfect fit for your family is essential. Not only for your peace of mind, but for their healthy growth and development. A childcare service needs to have all the components of a healthy, encouraging, caring, and loving environment that supports their growth and development.

Do The Research

The first step to finding the ideal childcare for you is to do research. What programs are you looking for? What age is your child and what activities should they be involved with? These are just a few of the questions you can consider when finding the right daycare. You can research the daycare online. What type of reviews do they have? Look online and see what comments people have about them. Look on the website, do they describe their programs and the activities your child will be involved with. How does the website look, and can you see the facilities and various things offered?

Impressions Matter

Go in for a look at their facilities. Interact with the caregivers and ask them the questions you have. It’s also vital you pay attention to how the children are treated. How do they react to their caregivers and what resources are at the facility? It’s important to be observant of how the caregivers handle problems that arise and how they problem-solve. You can also observe the day to day activities that the children are involved with to get a better idea of what your little one will be doing while you’re away. Ask them about safety procedures and how their workers have been trained. Consider dropping by without setting up an appointment to get an unaltered view of how their day to day activities work.

Look At The Programs

When visiting a facility or talking to a caregiver be sure to ask about the environment is it positive, encouraging, and promotes healthy learning? Observe how many resources the facility has, does it have a variety of activities to stimulate brain growth and motor skills? There should be an assortment of activities like art, reading, music, and play to create a well-rounded schedule for the children. Observe if there are enough teachers to children if each child gets the attention and care they need.

Consider Those Around you

There are great resources and testimonies all around you. Ask the fellow parents form school, clubs or even your friends where they put their child for daycare. You may receive a multitude of different answers and places you can consider for sending your child too. It’s vital that they are open and honest with you and share their true opinion and knowing it’s from an outside source is helpful with credibility. Meet up with some of your friends and discuss their experiences with various daycares and the questions and concerns they had, you will feel less alone and be able to build a support system.

Trust Yourself

It’s important to trust and go with that gut feeling. That may be telling you the right way to go, follow with your heart but consider all the groundwork you’ve done as well. Be sure to pay attention to that feeling as it can guide you as a parent and help you decide what’s best for your child. If you visit a facility or talk to a caregiver and get a strange feeling, listen to it. There are plenty of facilities that should make you have peace of mind when leaving your child. You can even take your child in to see if they like it.

Care At The Y

We understand you want to find the right fit for you and your child. At the Y we have all the training, experience, safety and high-quality care you could ask for. Follow these steps and follow your instincts, we are sure to give you the peace of mind that your child will be thriving in our care. We also offer emergency childcare for those times you need to find quick, but high-quality care.

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