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I Love Camp

What’s so great about camp?  We put that question to campers recently and got some fun responses.  Alumni immediately chimed in.

We Got Some Great Responses about YMCA Camp

Dorothy said, “I love camp for teaching me independence, leadership and good habits that followed me throughout life.” Elizabeth added, “Camp gave me the confidence to be my authentic self. It also made me feel like I truly belonged somewhere.”

One parent, Adele told us, “I LOVE CAMP because it prepared my son to go off to college in New Jersey. Camp is the gift of a happy childhood!”  Camper Missy loves camp, “It is a week of adventure!”  Sophia added, “It helps me be the best version of myself!”  International counselor Ciaran shared, “I love camp because somehow I can fly 4,000 miles away from where I live and still be at home.”

There are so many reasons to love camp. We are so glad we get to share this life-changing, independence buildings, leadership training, self-actualizing, confidence-boosting, adventured filled, natural place with the community.  We spend every day of the year loving camp, getting ready for summers filled with all of this and to make it home no matter how far you come to be a part of this special thing we call camp.  For more information about overnight Camp Ernst, visit the website  For information about YMCA day camps, visit our website

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