4 Important Reasons You Should Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, and there are many benefits to cooking at home. Don’t be intimidated if you have not yet learned how to cook because it is never too late! Use these four important reasons as the motivation for cooking at home today. 

  1. You make better choices when you cook at home.

When you are cooking your own meals, you choose better options with more nutritional value for your body. By cooking your own meals, you cut out more processed food and make healthier choices than you would be consuming at a restaurant or takeout. In addition, food portions tend to be far more reasonably sized when you cook at home.


In fact, cooking at home is associated with a better diet quality, and people who cooked meals at home at least six days a week consumed fewer calories than those who frequently ate out, according to this study.


2.    You will eat more mindfully.

When you begin cooking, you become more mindful of what is in your food, and how you consume it. Cooking at home is a process. We use pots and pans, cook the food in an oven or on the stove, eat the food with loved ones, and then clean up after yourself – all allowing us to be more mindful of the process around cooking and eating. Eating mindfully also means you savor each bite and recognize when you are full, which aids with digestion. Sitting down to regular meals with friends and family can also improve relationships!


3.    You will save money.

Did you know that on average, it is five times more expensive to order delivery from a restaurant than it is to cook at home? While it may be more of a hassle to plan your meals for the week, go to the grocery store, prepare your ingredients, cook your meal, and clean up afterwards, the money you save is worth it. If you are curious to know the details, you can save the most money with high protein-based meals, because restaurants charge a lot for meals with beef, pork, and chicken. If you are looking to save money and eat healthier, learn how to cook at home!


4.    You can learn more recipes.

Once you learn how to cook, you’ll never want to stop! When you’ve mastered the basics, you can start experimenting and crafting recipes just how you or your family like them, which is something you can’t do when eating out. You’ll find yourself keeping your eyes open for new recipes all the time.

At the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, we care about your health and well-being. In the upcoming year, use these healthy lifestyle habits – including cooking more at home – to become a better version of yourself. If you are looking to volunteer, join, or give to the YMCA, contact us today!



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