kids learn to swim with female instructorkids learn to swim with female instructor

Learn to Swim at Any Age

Not only is swimming a fun activity, but it is also a great skill that could save lives. It's never too late to learn how to swim!

It is never too late to learn to swim and ensure that you stay safe this summer! Swimming is not only a freeing and pleasurable activity, but also can drastically improve your mental and physical health. However enjoyable swimming is, without proper technique and lessons, one can put themselves in danger and risk of drowning. Every year an average of 3.5 to 4 thousand people will die from fatal drownings, with drowning being one of the top causes of unintentional injury-related death. This means that at any age, swim lessons can be essential to saving a life. Learn to swim now!

Current Statistics

According to a survey by Red Cross, about 80% of adults believe that they can swim proficiently, but only about half of those adults could perform the five basic water safety skills. These include:

  • Swimming without a flotation device for one minute
  • Turn in a full circle, find an exit
  • Exit from a pool without using a ladder
  • Swim to exit for 25 yards without stopping
  • Jump into water over your head

Learn to Swim with Supervision

Supervision cannot be overstated when it comes to swimming. Many times, drownings occur when no supervision is present. Lack of barriers and proper supervision are a couple of the leading causes of drownings. Whether one is a child, adult, or a professional swimmer, supervision is a must to ensure that everyone stays safe.

YMCA swim lessons have qualified and attentive instructors with proper certifications and experience in aquatic safety programs to ensure that while you learn to swim, you are in good hands. The YMCA offers swim lessons for parent and children, letting both parents and their child learn how to enjoy the water, and proper water safety. Preschool swim lessons introduce children to the water early, improving movement and stamina and instilling a love for water early on. School age swim lessons improve stroke techniques and water stamina, while teen and adult lessons improve stroke techniques and teach individuals based on experience and skill set.  Offered in both private and group lessons, we can find the perfect lesson for you.

YMCA Swim Lessons

Considering the statistics above, it’s important to consider if you can aptly save yourself or help someone else in distress in the water. One of the top leading causes of drowning risk is a lack of swimming ability. The YMCA swim lessons are designed to use a skill-based approach, meeting the needs of all of our members. Take a swim assessment and enroll in a swim lesson today!

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