MRC HKD band playing musicMRC HKD band playing music


At the YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day 2022, families from around the region joined us in Washington Park for a day full of joy. We listened to music, read stories, did Zumba, and watched our favorite local mascots battle it out to win musical chairs. Hundreds of people were able to engage with the MRC, the YMCA, and other local nonprofits at our biggest party of the year.

Healthy Kids Day offered an exciting opportunity for our MRC kids – they got to perform on the mainstage at Washington Park. The band Dark Dice, pictured above, played originals and even a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. This was the first time they were able to perform in front of a crowd of people as a band. Even so, their confidence and poise on the stage was incredible to watch.

As a part of the YMCA network, the MRC is going to continue to expand its impact through new opportunities and partnerships. We cannot wait to see the growth that is to come over the next years. It is only going to make opportunities like the one pictured above more frequent and more impactful for our members.

The generous support of donors like you make opportunities like this possible for the MRC and its members. Thank you so much for believing in the arts and the power they give kids to express themselves and build confidence. The MRC is strengthened with the community behind it, and you help to make that possible.

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