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Playing Sports at The Y

Playing sports is extremely beneficial to child development. Sports can improve memory, mood, and decision-making skills.

The importance of movement when it comes to childhood development cannot be understated. Not only does movement increase memory, perception, and language, but it also boosts mood, and can improve decision-making skills. Considering this, playing sports is the perfect choice for any child to have a healthy mind, body and spirit, and have fun!


Sports are a great way to ensure that your child can stay healthy and happy. Sports encourage better vision, healthy weight, improve motor skills, boost mood, and more! Sports also improve decision-making, leading to less risk for behaviors like smoking and drinking. Sports have also been shown to lower the risk of certain cancers later in life, and promote healthy muscle and bone growth, as well as better coordination and balance. Sports instill healthy habits early on for children to follow for the rest of their lives.

Improved Mentality from Playing Sports

Sports are also known to improve mental health and boost mood. Sports allow children to relieve stress and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. This also inspires feelings of confidence and a healthy self-image. Sports decrease feelings of stress and depression while elevating mood. Often, sports also include mathematical skills and strategic thinking skills.


One important lesson that sports teach is winning and losing. At times in life, loss will happen. Sports teach kids how to be graceful and grateful when it comes to playing, even when losing. This is an invaluable skill to get up, dust yourself off, and continue on! Sports also improve social skills like the ability to work in a team and communicate with others.

Types Of Sports

The Y offers a variety of youth sports that a child and parent can choose from. Each sport has its own rules of the game, skills, and benefits. Children can learn new skills, make new friends, set goals and get involved.

1.) Basketball: A positive and fun environment promoting balance, hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

2.) Baseball/ T-Ball: Learn throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting, while improving strategy and teamwork skills.

3.) Flag Football: Focusing on fundamentals and teamwork, the league becomes more competitive as it progresses.

4.) Soccer: Dribbling, passing and defending a goal while improving stamina.

5.) Martial Arts: Learn discipline and patience while improving hand-eye coordination and balance.

6.) Youth Volleyball: Teach basic skills of passing, setting, spiking, and serving. Everyone is encouraged to play no matter skill set.

Sports promote a healthy spirit, body and mind, while also providing crucial character development. Enroll your child in a YMCA sport today!

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