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Summer Preschool

Trained YMCA staff emulate healthy behavior and provide responsible and secure supervision at all times while teaching children how to write, rhyme and use their skills to follow directions.

Summer Preschool

Summer Preschool provides full-day and half-day options to experience summer activities in a safe, age-appropriate setting for the youngest preschooler. Many activities and special events are introduced to your child each week. Preschoolers will discover the great outdoors, swim, sing songs, and make special crafts in a caring and nurturing environment.

This important age will be full of summer fun and activities, The Y will provide your child with a summer they will never forget. Teaching and nurturing their creative side with various craft activities and opportunities for play. Your child will get to further develop their social skills through team activities and fun. Swimming will develop and strengthen their motor skills and give them a fun activity. We constantly update new activities and events to keep your child engaged and having fun. These activities and events will continue to encourage vital skills to be carried into adulthood. Our staff is trained to be prepared for various situations that arise. They will provide your child with a reflection of positive and uplifting behavior. While also developing their language skills. At the Y they will be learning vital social skills, language building skills, and ability to work in a team environment.

Summer preschool will encourage connection to the great outdoors as well. Letting your child get some fresh air while also learning something new will keep their mind stimulated. Encouraging sing-along and other fun outdoor activities to get involved and get active throughout the day. We encourage creative endeavors, with a little bit of structure. Your child is sure to feel safe, happy, and healthy in our summer preschool program.

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