Membership Facilities Closed

Because many of our members are maintaining their membership, we are able to continue serving the community with child care, free meals and senior citizen check-ins. Please let us know if you need to change your membership until we can reopen.

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School Days Out | Childcare | Programs & Activities | YMCA of Greater CincinnatiSchool Days Out | Childcare | Programs & Activities | YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

School Days Out

For school-age children, School Days Out offers continuous care during school breaks like Spring Break, Fall Break, and Winter Break.

Hospital Personnel Kids Camp

School Breaks at the Y give parents peace of mind that their child is well cared for in a safe, nurturing environment. Parents can drop off their child[ren] on their day off of school to make new friends, create science projects and participate in other academic enrichment activities as well provide lots of opportunities to play.

Available at the following locations:

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