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Healthy Living Programs

The Y aims to improve the nation's health and well-being by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce risk for disease, and help others reclaim their health.



Cancer is a life-changing disease that takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on those affected. LiveSTRONG® at the YMCA is the result of these two organizations joining forces to offer a research-based physical activity and well-being program to adult cancer survivors designed to help them reclaim their total health. Y staff trained in supportive cancer care help participants to achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength; increasing flexibility and endurance; and improving confidence and self-esteem. In addition to physical benefits, the program focuses on the emotional well-being of survivors and their families by providing a supportive community where individuals affected by cancer can connect during treatment and beyond.

Contact Us: or call (513) 362-2885 for additional program and enrollment information.

Participation Form

  • In signing this form, I affirm that my medical provider may refer me to the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program, and I understand the nature of this referral form. All information is kept confidential; your responses will not be shared with anyone outside the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program.

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

A 4-month evidence-based program designed to help persons with hypertension better manage their blood pressure. Participants work with trained Healthy Heart Ambassadors for the duration of the program who help them:

  • Measure their blood pressure at least two times per month
  • Attend two personalized consultations with a Healthy Heart Ambassador per month
  • Attend monthly Nutrition Education Seminars

Goals of the program are to reduce blood pressure, develop skills to manage blood pressure, be able to identify and control triggers that elevate their blood pressure and become more confident in one’s ability to adopt healthier eating habits. Blood pressure cuffs are available for those who need them.

Contact Us: or call (513) 362-2885 for additional program and enrollment information.



Treat arthritis as you have fun, laugh, and make friends. Enhance®Fitness is a proven community-based senior fitness and arthritis management program. It is designed to help older adults become more active, energized, and empowered for independent living. The program consists of low impact exercise classes that are safe and challenging for older adults of all fitness levels.

To register, please contact the branch.

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