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Competitive Sports

At the Y, we focus on confidence building and developing new skills, but these competitive sports help kids compete at the next level.

Swim Team

Ages 5 & Up | Competitive Swim Team

Competitive swim teams are available for children as young as five. The swim team program helps swimmers develop healthy lifelong skills and habits as both individuals and team members. YMCA swim coaches work with swimmers and families to promote achievement, facilitate positive relationships and create a sense of belonging, all with the goal of helping individuals realize their full potential in and out of the water. Swimmers have competitive opportunities at the local, regional and national levels of both the YMCA and USA Swimming. You must be a YMCA of Greater Cincinnati member to participate in our competitive swim program.

Available at the following locations:

Club Volleyball

Ages 11 & Up | Club Volleyball

Club Volleyball provides youth with an opportunity to establish better volleyball skill sets, a strong work ethic, the concept of teamwork and enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime. YMCA coaches are dedicated to improving the skills of young athletes. For more information on the Y’s club volleyball program, visit the website

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