Martial Arts

Contributes to increased physical strength, flexibility, balance, control, discipline, and spirituality. Students train with others at their own skill level progressing from basic stances, punches, blocks, and kicks to the study of more advanced levels.

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Martial Arts

Ages 7 & Up | Judo

Judo is offered for those 7 and older. Judo helps develop self-discipline and confidence. It also increases coordination, stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Ages 6 & Up | Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is offered for those ages 6 and older. Tae Kwon Do helps in the pursuit of self-respect and discipline, as well as building and maintaining physical fitness. Coordination, control, balance, and technique are developed.

Participants learn a set curriculum in class with the ultimate goal of reaching black belt.

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