Youth Sports
(3-12 years old)

The Y's Youth Sports help kids learn new skills, make new friends, develop essential character traits, and set individual and team goals.

Spring Soccer starting in April
Now Enrolling for summer T-Ball, Baseball, and Basketball

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Ages 3-12 | Youth Basketball

Learn basketball fundamentals in a positive and fun environment promoting youth development. Your child will meet new friends while learning about teamwork, focusing on sportsmanship, and building skills.  Teams are grouped ages 3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12. (not all branches offer age 10-12 group)

Summer season runs June 3 – July 26   (registration open 3/1 – 4/30)
Register by April 30 | Open: Mar. 1 for Y members, Mar. 10 for the community
Fall Basketball runs October 14 – December 7 
Register by Sept. 15 | Open: July. 1 for Y members, July. 10 for the community
Winter Basketball runs January 8 – March 2
Register by Nov. 30 | Open: Oct. 1 for Y members, Oct. 10 for the community

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Ages 3-12 | Youth Soccer

The league will focus on improving soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and defending a goal. Players of all abilities are invited to play and are grouped ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12

Select a “team” with the practice time that works best for you, all games are on Saturday mornings.

Spring Soccer runs April 1 – May 25 
Register by Feb. 28 | Open: Jan. 1 for Y members, Jan. 10 for the community
Fall Soccer runs August 12 – October 5   
Register by July 14 | Open: May. 1 for Y members, May. 10 for the community

Not seeing any programs try our “coming soon” link

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Baseball / T-Ball

Ages 3-4 | T-Ball

T-Ball teaches young players how to catch, throw and bat off a hitting tee. This will prepare kids for Coach Pitch and Youth Baseball as they get older.

Ages 5-6 | Coach Pitch/T-Ball

Coach Pitch baseball leagues are designed to learn teamwork and strategy while developing catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting. Each participant will receive a game jersey and hat.

Ages 7-9 | Youth Baseball

Youth Baseball is designed to help kids improve their skill development and learn the strategy behind the game. Each participant will receive a game jersey and hat.

Summer season runs June 3 – July 23   
Register by April. 30 | Open: Mar. 1 for Y members, Mar. 10 for the community

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Martial Arts

Ages 7 & Up | Judo

Judo is offered for those 7 and older. Judo helps develop self-discipline and confidence. It also increases coordination, stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Ages 6 & Up | Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is offered for those ages 6 and older. Tae Kwon Do helps in the pursuit of self-respect and discipline, as well as building and maintaining physical fitness. Coordination, control, balance, and technique are developed.

Participants learn a set curriculum in class with the ultimate goal of reaching black belt.

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