Youth Sports
(3-12 years old)

The Y's Youth Sports help kids learn new skills, make new friends, develop essential character traits, and set individual and team goals.

Summer T-Ball, Baseball, and Basketball start in June
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Ages 3-12 | Youth Basketball

Learn basketball fundamentals in a positive and fun environment promoting youth development. Your child will meet new friends while learning about teamwork, focusing on sportsmanship, and building skills.  Teams are grouped ages 3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12. (not all branches offer age 10-12 group)

Summer season runs June 3 – July 26   (registration open 3/1 – 4/30)
Register by April 30 | Open: Mar. 1 for Y members, Mar. 10 for the community
Fall Basketball runs October 14 – December 7 
Register by Sept. 15 | Open: July. 1 for Y members, July. 10 for the community
Winter Basketball runs January 8 – March 2
Register by Nov. 30 | Open: Oct. 1 for Y members, Oct. 10 for the community

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Ages 3-12 | Youth Soccer

The league will focus on improving soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and defending a goal. Players of all abilities are invited to play and are grouped ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12

Select a “team” with the practice time that works best for you, all games are on Saturday mornings.

Spring Soccer runs April 1 – May 25 
Register by Feb. 28 | Open: Jan. 1 for Y members, Jan. 10 for the community
Fall Soccer runs August 12 – October 5   
Register by July 14 | Open: May. 1 for Y members, May. 10 for the community

Not seeing any programs try our “coming soon” link

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Baseball / T-Ball

Ages 3-4 | T-Ball

T-Ball teaches young players how to catch, throw and bat off a hitting tee. This will prepare kids for Coach Pitch and Youth Baseball as they get older.

Ages 5-6 | Coach Pitch/T-Ball

Coach Pitch baseball leagues are designed to learn teamwork and strategy while developing catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting. Each participant will receive a game jersey and hat.

Ages 7-9 | Youth Baseball

Youth Baseball is designed to help kids improve their skill development and learn the strategy behind the game. Each participant will receive a game jersey and hat.

Summer season runs June 3 – July 23   
Register by April. 30 | Open: Mar. 1 for Y members, Mar. 10 for the community

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Martial Arts

Ages 7 & Up | Judo

Judo is offered for those 7 and older. Judo helps develop self-discipline and confidence. It also increases coordination, stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Ages 6 & Up | Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is offered for those ages 6 and older. Tae Kwon Do helps in the pursuit of self-respect and discipline, as well as building and maintaining physical fitness. Coordination, control, balance, and technique are developed.

Participants learn a set curriculum in class with the ultimate goal of reaching black belt.

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