The YMCA Achievers is a college readiness and career exploration program, which provides teens with the essential tools to pursue higher education and to identify different career opportunities.Call us at 513-362-2048 or email adutta@myy.org

Program Description

Achievers is a national college and career readiness program, delivered by the Y, which supports students in setting and reaching higher education and career goals. Today, there are more than 300 Y Achievers programs operating across the country. The program is geared toward first-generation college students and minorities and is delivered through workshops, college tours, Toastmasters, STEM, and more. Currently, students from 49 different high schools throughout the Greater-Cincinnati region are being served.

The Need

35-40% of stundents who enroll in college drop out in the first semester
For African-American and Hispanic students, the graduation rate is 71%
36% of Cincinnati residents, 25 years older, have some college or earned a bachelor’s or associate degree
Among students who do graduate, one-third need remedial courses in college and far too few go on to earn a college degree.


Through a multifaceted approach, Y Achievers incorporates the engagement framework of Core Program Components, The Five Pillars, and the Y Achievers Curriculum which is based upon University of Chicago’s 6to16™.


After going through the program, students graduate high school and are prepared to enter college. Some of the outcomes are as follows:

• 100% of seniors graduate from high school
• 80% increase their knowledge in college readiness material
• 80% of seniors take the PSAT, ACT, SAT, and Compass
• 80% of seniors complete a FAFSA application
• 80% of seniors receive at least one letter of acceptance to higher education
• 80% increase their exposure to career options through the career clusters
• 70% increase their knowledge in financial literacy
• 80% enrolled in higher education after high school

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