Black and Latino Achievers

The YMCA Black and Latino Achievers is a college readiness and career exploration program which provides teens with the essential tools to pursue higher education and to identify different career opportunities.

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Program Description

Achievers is a national college and career readiness program, delivered by the Y, that supports students in setting and reaching higher education and career goals. Today, there are more than 300 Y Achievers programs operating across the country. The program is geared toward first-generation college students and minorities and is delivered through workshops, college tours, Toastmasters, STEM, and more. Currently, students from 49 different high schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati region are being served.


Through a multifaceted approach, Y Achievers incorporates the engagement framework of Core Program Components, the Five Pillars, and the Y Achievers Curriculum, based on the University of Chicago’s 6to16™.

The Need

  • 35-40% of students who enroll in college drop out in the first semester
  • For African-American and Hispanic students, the graduation rate is less than 75%
  • 36% of Cincinnati residents 25 years older have some college or earned a bachelor’s or associate’s degree
  • Among students who do graduate, 1/3 need remedial courses in college and far too few go on to earn a college degree


After going through the program, students are prepared to enter college. Some of the outcomes are as follows:

  • 100% of seniors graduate from high school
  • 80% increase their knowledge in college readiness material
  • 80% of seniors take the PSAT, ACT, SAT, and Compass
  • 80% of seniors complete a FAFSA application
  • 80% of seniors receive at least one letter of acceptance to higher education
  • 80% increase their exposure to career options through the career clusters
  • 70% increase their knowledge in financial literacy
  • 80% enroll in higher education after high school

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Volunteering Opportunities

Adult mentorship is by far the biggest asset of Y Achievers. Adult Achievers provide an invaluable connection between the corporate world and the local community by developing and conducting programming that allows participants to become linked to education, business and industry.

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Parent Information

Our President, Jorge Perez, explains why all parents should consider registering their teen for Achievers.

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