J Carrington

Boone County Senior Center has nominated J Carrington for his volunteer service and contribution to the community. J volunteers as a bingo caller, and also assists in helping around the facility. In the past, J has volunteered with animal shelters. He looks forward to getting more involved in veteran volunteer services as an Air Force veteran himself. J says he volunteers because, “I appreciate life. I’m blessed that I’m in good health, and I want to do more to help.” Did you know J collects hot wheel cars? He has over 300! In his free time, J spends time with his wife, fishing, and traveling. He loves volunteering, meeting new people, making new connections, and finding similarities between strangers. J says, “The most important thing is communication and respecting people.” THANK YOU, J, for taking your time to help build a community at Boone County Senior Center!

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati