Happier Minds Through Peer Support

RESOLV helps youth and young adults connect to mental health recovery and peers who understand. The Y stands with RESOLV to further their mission is to build a community of 10 million confident and mentally strong youth across the US.


How do I register for RESOLV?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to register for a Resolv session!

The YMCA is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to 6 sessions with RESOLVE to you, or the young person in your life!

STEP ONE: Parent or Legal Guardian completes two consent forms. 18+ will sign ‘parent’ consent form for themselves.

  1. Resolv Parent Consent Form
  2. Consent for Program Evaluation Survey Participation

STEP TWO: Youth / Young Adult completes a quick survey.

CLICK HERE to complete a quick survey! (This is not a test! We just want to learn more about you and your interests. This information will help us to improve the program now and next time for young people like you! Your answers will be confidential and your responses will not affect your ability to participate in this program.)

STEP THREE: Youth / Young Adult member receives a link to the RESOLV app!

Within 24 hours, the youth or young adult member receives a link to the Resolv App.

This link is sent to the email shared in the Consent Form. Sign up, and register for sessions!



Once Registered, How do I create an account?

Just follow the steps below, or just check out this video. 

  1. Teen member clicks on link and lands on App Sign-In Sign-Up opening screen.
  2. Teen member creates an account and signs up for sessions.
  3. Teen member joins sessions and receives support

What are some of the sessions my teen can choose?

  • Find Your Calm – Strategies for managing stress and anxiety
  • Bounce Back Better – Skills to build resiliency
  • Making Friends with Uncertainty – Tips + techniques to deal with stress and uncertainty
  • I Am Not My Thoughts – Managing and responding to intrusive thoughts
  • In Your Shoes – Embracing diversity and cultivating empathy
  • Proud To Be Me! – Empowering and building confidence when choosing your own path
  • Re-filling My Cup – Emotional self-care
  • I Am Enough – Positive self-talk


What is Resolv About?
Resolv helps youth and young adults connect to mental health recovery and peers who understand. Our mission is to build a community of 10 million confident and mentally strong youth across the US. We created Resolv so more youth and young adults can benefit from peer support and overcome their day-to-day challenges in a stigma-free environment. With Resolv, youth and young adults can send peer mentors text messages and hold video calls in a private, text-based chat room. Resolv stands out because it is built by youth and young adults for youth and young adults, who are facing rising suicide, anxiety and depression.
Is peer support right for my child?
If you’re like many parents, you may not be familiar with peer support. Here’s a simple checklist to help you determine if it could offer benefits to your child. If you check the box on 2 or more of the items listed, you’ll want to consider it for your child.
  • My child would benefit from having a listening ear.
  • My child would benefit from new problem solving strategies.
  • My child would benefit from talking with someone who has faced similar problems and can offer perspective and support, in addition to resources and strategies..
  • My child would benefit from learning about new coping and stress management tools and strategies.
  • My child would benefit from learning advocacy skills.
  • I sometimes wonder what my child may be holding inside. How can Resolv improve someone’s life?
Resolv helps youth and young adults connect with peer supporters and mental health recovery in a safe place. Our peer supporters are trained to be a listening ear and provide support for life experiences, such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, or relationships.
How can peer support help parents?
Parents face a tough challenge when it comes to the mental and emotional needs of their teenagers and young adults. Having a trusted, listening ear can offer parents peace of mind. Your child has an outlet, someone to talk through problems and challenges they are facing with trained and certified supporters. They are mentors who bring hope as they have overcome mental and emotional challenges themselves.
Why is Resolv the right choice for my child?
Resolv’s leadership team is experienced, proven and have received certification as peer supporters themselves. The team is made up of clinical experts and those with healthcare experience, and they are parents themselves, whose children have experienced mental and emotional challenges. Resolv leverages modern technology and evidence-based practices that include peer support, goal setting, coping tools and resources for an innovative, more cost effective approach to mental and emotional wellness. Resolv’s peer supporters undergo certification training (~60 hours) and pass an exam before they may apply to the state boards of mental health for certification. As an organization, we listen deeply to our customer and clients, continuously improving the way we deliver valuable services to youth and their families everyday.
Do you find that this is something young people stick with?
Teens will make a connection with a Peer Support Specialist based on shared lived experience, shared background or interests, etc. Because the Peer Support Specialists are adults, but yet close enough in life stage to still relate to teens and young adults, they build strong connections.  Resolv’s retention rates are significantly higher than industry standards. A recent poll showed 92% of participants were excited about coming to Resolv group sessions.
If something outside of the scope of peer support does come up in a one to one session what is the process for that?
Resolv’s Peer Support Specialists are trained to recognize when more support is needed. There is a process in place for peer support specialists to inform and work with the Y staff when that is identified.
How do you protect privacy?
At Resolv, privacy and safety is always the first consideration. We go to great lengths to ensure that data are always kept safe and confidential. Our technology is HIPAA compliant and safety is our #1 priority.
Who do you work with?
We work with families, schools, behavioral health providers, state agencies and employers.
What ages do you work with?
We serve most frequently ages 13 to 26. We’ve also served clients outside of that range too. Book a free consultation if you’d like to discuss and together we can see if there’s a fit for your child.
How many sessions do my kids get?
Scholarships are currently available for members to attend six sessions. It is flexible on what topics and times the teen member chooses to attend. Resolv is there to meet them where they are!


Are Peer Supporters certified?
Absolutely. At Resolv, we have a network of certified peer supporters who are certified by State Departments of Mental Health and Addiction Services. All Peer Supporters have been carefully vetted and trained to use Resolv and provide quality care.
What is a Peer Supporter?
In Behavioral Health a peer is someone who shares the experience of living with a mental health need. Peers serve as a positive role model of recovery for clients.
What percentage of peers are people of color, male, or LGBTQ?
Resolv is intentional about ensuring that Peer Support Specialists represent diverse backgrounds, such as BIPOC and the LGBTQ, making up 30-40%.
What if my peer supporter isn’t a fit?
Simply let us know with a quick message, and we’ll connect you with another peer supporter.
How do you screen Peer Supporters?
Peer Supporters are background checked, personally interviewed and participate in 60+ hours of state certification for peer support training prior to joining the Resolv Peer Support network.
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