Week 4: Rest

Your STRONG Challenge continues with finding ways to REST! Chillaxing, naps, a good night’s sleep…REST. It’s something we all need desperately to thrive but ignore its mystical powers. Why does REST always seem to get put on the backburner of our 1000 MPH-paced lives. We all fall victim to not falling asleep at a regular time, ignoring quiet time with prayer and/or meditation or not designating a rest or Sabbath (God’s way of saying REST!) day for our week. This week, we reclaim our health with the power naps, sleeping in, quieting our minds…this week, we REST!


This week, we will add to our fitness goals two, ten-minute helpings of meditation/prayer and one day of complete rest. Mark your tracking sheet in places where you will REST. Join the Facebook Community Group (link here) to share your moments of rest with your new friends! When we rest, we are STRONG.

Download your tracking sheet here and remember to post it in a prominent place.  Connect with your accountability buddy to make sure they are doing the same! Go team go!

Community Group Tracking Sheet


Below are some ideas to help us rest this week


  • Meditate – Unplug for 10 minutes minimum. Do everything you can to lay still, rest your mind and monitor your breathing.
  • 10 Minutes of a prayer walk. Connect with God and meditate on thankfulness, forgiveness, the STRONG Challenge!
  • Take a day, preferably Sunday and DO NOTHING. Rest, chillax, have 5 naps. Kid screen time is totally acceptable while you regroup your life for another week.
  • Unplug tech for 20 minutes and sit outside. Take in your surroundings. Journal your experience!


Try any of these 3 apps for guided meditation, stress relief and rest

  • Calm: Find Your Calm. Sleep more. Stress less. Live better.
  • ShineDaily self-care,Lifelong healing. Make a habit out of caring for your mental and emotional health
  • Dwell: Cultivate a habit of listening to the Bible. A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart.

For more local strong activities, visit your YMCA’s website, search “STRONG Challenge.”

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati