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The Benefits of Holiday Camps

Even if you’ve never experienced a holiday or seasonal camp before, there are a ton of reasons to send children to one. Not only does it provide them with a change from their daily routines, but it also allows them to develop crucial behavioral and cognitive skills that will benefit them for life. Here are just a few of the benefits that children and young adults receive by attending holiday camps.

Development of Social Skills

It is common for children to behave differently at home compared to when they are somewhere else, such as in school. In fact, this behavior change is a good thing! However, the constant behavioral shifts from home to school and then back home can lead to repetitive patterns they may grow tired of. A holiday camp allows children to break that routine and engage with other children in a completely different setting. Being exposed to a new and engaging environment with different children enables children to expand on their social skills. At camp, children go beyond classroom activities and home routines that may sometimes limit their forms of expression and freedom. Now, they can interact with other children with social skills that are different from theirs. This encourages them to learn how to communicate with people no matter the setting, which is a skill adults use throughout their whole lives.


Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Holiday camps have a variety of ways through which they advance the skills of children and young adults.  In school, children learn through a more academic heavy curriculum. This serves to prepare them for their academic futures. While performing academically well and preparing for academics in the future is important, it does sometimes leave the child wanting. Much of the learning in school focuses on having children attain mastery in several subjects. To verify that they have learned a subject well, they are tested and quizzed. At camp, they also learn new skills, but don’t have pressure placed on their shoulders to perform. If they don’t solve a riddle or puzzle in the same way the other children do, that’s okay! Not every problem in life has only one correct answer. A holiday camp can help a child learn to find several solutions to one problem, which is a skill that will help them throughout their lives.


Exposure to Diversity

Children’s social interactions often also stay within the same neighborhood. This can include interacting mostly with the local schools, faiths, social groups, and neighbors. Often, those surrounding groups share the same points of view on different topics and beliefs. While there is nothing wrong with it, some opportunities go unnoticed with these scenarios. Holiday camps invite and include children of all ages, groups, faiths, beliefs, traditions, etc. This added exposure to diversity can expand children’s views and teach them to understand, cooperate, and respect people from diverse backgrounds.


Choosing the Right Camp

The YMCA of Cincinnati recognizes the importance of these holiday camps and provides various options for children and parents to choose from. Various options have been created with you and your schedule in mind, and range from mid-day, overnight, day, and half-day camps. There are also several activities and subjects to choose from in these camps. Some examples are cooking exercises, physical activity and sports, and team-building exercises. We promise to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for children and young adults of all types. Contact us to find the best fir for you today!

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