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The Importance of Staying Active At Home

Staying active at home is vital to keeping a healthy lifestyle and staying involved, with the comfort of working out from home and with those you love most.

Although we have been apart, we understand and prioritize your safety. Exercise is a vital part of your body staying healthy and active. Exercise provides numerous health benefits and help with overall mental health. You may have been an avid gym-goer before social distancing and COVID measures were put into place. This means that you have been kicked out of the gyms and put back into the room with the couch. Although it may be calling you for a night of Netflix and snacks, get active instead and give your body the boost it may need.

Why Exercise?

Exercising is vital to any healthy routine. One of the first benefits of exercise is happiness. Exercise can make you happier and aid in the production of endorphins, known to produce positive feelings. It has been shown to improve mental health and decrease depressive feelings. Exercise also is good for your body, building and maintaining muscle.

Also, exercise can help with building bone density and preventing any later health issues. Which may include chronic diseases with a bit of exercise you can reduce your risk of heart disease. Exercise also aids brain health and help protect memory and thinking while improving overall brain function. Not to mention. Much clearer skin and higher energy level overall. It is clear that exercise is incredibly beneficial and fairly vital to our survival.

Enjoy Exercises At Home

One of the top benefits of exercising at home is the freedom that it gives you. You can try any workout or routine without having of set time of when to workout. You can also go at your own pace setting up a workout that is completely personalized to you. Be mindful of making sure that you push yourself and stay accountable, which can be difficult from home. You get the benefit of no distractions and the peace of mind of no eyes on you.

My Y Fitness Videos

You can stay active at home, getting all the benefits if exercising while still being in the comfort of your own home and benefiting from Y trainers sharing their expertise.  We offer a variety of options through our Y Fitness Videos that you can choose from that best fits your at-home needs.

Active older Adults- Our active older adults corner may be perfect for you! Seniors wanting to stay forever young and active, get involved today! You can enjoy video classes and various senior resources that are fun ways to get connected.

Family fun means a day of fitness. You can teach your kids the importance of fitness and staying active while also getting a good workout in. We offer fun family videos that offer easy combined workout’s for kids and adults, and even preschool lessons that your kids can watch while you stay active and workout.

family fun







Our cardio and strength video playlists are perfect for anyone who is looking to sweat and build some stamina. Cardio helps to burn fat and fully tone your body. We even have a bootcamp playlist of videos you can follow along with to truly get that hard workout in.

Our mind-body exercises are sure to be a great resource when you’re looking for a little zen at home. The mind- body playlist and bonus yoga videos are perfect for improving posture, building muscle, and reducing stress.


Live Events

We even have Facebook live events Tuesday and Thursday for spirits movement in our effort to #satyactive#stayhealthy. These will give you that in person feel while being able to join the Y community.




Lastly our Mossa move, this is an offer of hundreds of video classes that features Strength Train Together and Defend Together. Join to start a 60-day free trial and get well on your way to fitness.mossa move





While we love to give you all these free workout videos and the ability to work out from home, we understand it just may not be the same. Your safety and health is our main priority and as such we practice extensive cleaning procedures to ensure that, when you’re ready, you can enter back into our gyms confident and ready to move!





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