COVID-19 Response Efforts

We continue to focus our commitment to social responsibility; listening to the needs of our communities and responding with solutions that close resource gaps, uplift voices, and support those in need. We are currently seeking to provide both access to vaccinations as well as education and support around vaccine decision-making. The Y is partnering with local organizations to help meet these goals.

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The voices highlighted in this video series seek to provide support, education, and celebration surrounding vaccination. We are grateful for the voices on these videos, provided by Cincinnati’s Black Nurse Practitioner Network as well as Dr. Melba Moore, Cincinnati Health Commissioner.

The COVID-19 vaccine is your seatbelt; protecting you and your family from serious illness.

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These videos, and other vaccine initiatives, were provided in partnership with Interact for Health and Cincinnati’s Black Nurse Practitioner Network.

The wait is over.
The time is now.
Please consider vaccination.
Together we can put an end to this pandemic.

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati