Virtual Fitness and LearningVirtual Fitness and Learning

Virtual Fitness and Learning

Getting daily exercise has proven to be a challenge for many this year. Home gyms, office exercise equipment, and frequent walks are all things people have tried to do and use to stay in shape. With so much time being spent inside, it makes sense! However, sometimes finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult without the proper support and help.

It makes it even harder when many local gyms and outdoor spaces have restrictions placed upon them. The problem isn’t exclusive to exercise either. Many people, no matter their age, are having trouble adjusting to remote learning. The Y recognizes these challenges and has taken a step into the online world to provide virtual classes for people of all ages. These classes have been carefully designed to maximize virtual fitness and learning. Whether you’re looking for fitness options or to try something new, The Y has options for you.

Get Active

The Y has virtual fitness classes that were created to help all types of people achieve their personal fitness goals from home. Our online platform (available to our members) hosts a variety of videos for you to follow along with. You’ll also have a variety of activities and categories to choose from. Yoga, Pilates, and Bootcamps are just several examples of the many activities created for everyone. Also, active older adults don’t need to feel left out. Videos have been created with them in mind that are easy to follow along with and can be done with the items around the home. The Y has truly strived to go the distance to make sure that its members and families find ways to stay active, even at home.

Learn At The Y

Education is invaluable. The ability to learn a new skill not only gives a person a sense of accomplishment, but also equips them with useful knowledge. The Y encourages fostering an environment that promotes learning. For this reason, we provide a library of online videos and resources for the whole family. These videos and guides have been curated with each of our members in mind. On top of this, we also offer classes that you can register for to enhance your learning. Learn to cook a new recipe, sports fundamentals, or a science subject with the family, all from the comfort of your home. At the Y, we care about your mental fitness and wellbeing as much as your physical one.

Virtual Classes

These resources we’ve compiled can help everyone find something they’re interested in.

We always encourage staying active and growing, no matter where you may be.

The way we do things may have changed a bit this year, but our dedication and love for our members hasn’t. This year, we have adapted the way we do things to meet the needs of our members. Whether you are physically at one of our locations or participating online from home, the Y is here for you. Our variety of classes and online programs have been created with you in mind. At the Y, there will always be something for you and your family.

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