Headshot of YMCA volunteer ConnerHeadshot of YMCA volunteer Conner

Volunteer Spotlight - Conner

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Conner Fenton
Blue Ash YMCA – Hospitality and Facility Volunteer

How long have you volunteered with the Y and what are your favorite volunteer activities?
I have been a member for a long time and I started volunteering this year at the Welcome Center at Blue Ash.  I have many different job.  I welcome people when they come in and I help clean up areas like the gym and make the Y look good. I help clean and it’s good to have a clean place to work out. The people are really nice and I like working hard.  Volunteering is important to me.

The Y’s purpose is to help people build healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.  Who has helped you on your journey?
At the Y, Christy Feldman, Sheila Hinton, and Greg Alsept are great and they really help me do good job when I’m at the Y.  My mom takes good care of me and also helps me at the Y.  I got her to volunteer too.  My dad is a nice guy too.  It’s important to me to have such great relationships with them.  I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

What hobbies or causes are you passionate about?
I like to work hard.  I volunteer at the Y two mornings a week and I also volunteer at King’s Nissan.  When I’m not volunteering, I like to go out to eat at restaurants and I like to play basketball.  LeBron James is my favorite player.  My other favorite thing is to visit with my elderly friend, Don.  It’s good to be able to visit with him and I like spending time with him because it makes him happy.

What would you tell people about the Y and why they should volunteer?
People should come and work out.  We have a good gym and pool.  The people are very friendly and nice.  It’s a good place to meet people and have fun.  They should volunteer because there is a lot to do and it is good to help other people, to talk with them and it’s nice to do what you can for others.  We should all help each other.

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