Volunteer Spotlight - Rick

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Rick Bowman – Powel Crosley YMCA, Volunteer 11 years Y Member, 2 years Y Volunteer 

What is your favorite volunteer activity and what inspires you to volunteer?

Rick is passionate about the Y and he wants it to be open and available to everyone so he has volunteered for the past two years on the facilities team as they work to keep the Y clean and germ free so all may enjoy the equipment and each other.  While he said it’s not a glamorous task, he’s inspired because the staff is so very happy to have the help to keep everyone healthy.

What hobbies or causes are you passionate about? 

Rick is very passionate about his grandkids.  He loves spending time with them and watching them swim and play sports.  He loves racquetball, working in his yard, and helping out at the Y.

Why do you belong to the Y and what would you tell others about it? 

Rick belongs to the Y because he knows the importance of taking care of yourself and he wants to be able to enjoy himself while he’s doing it.  The Y has a family atmosphere and he feels very welcomed there.  The people he has met have become close friends and they inspire each other to come and workout and make it fun.

What might we be surprised to know about you? 

Rick shares that he is a softhearted person.  He says it doesn’t take much to touch his heart and he really hopes what he does, not only at the Y, helps others.  If he sees someone in need, he’s usually ready to help out if he can.

The Y’s purpose is to help people build healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.  Who has helped you in your journey and what lesson have you learned that you could share with others?

His family’s health history has inspired him to be proactive and to do what he can to stay and keep healthy.  He’s learned from parent’s life choices how important it is to be vigilant in making healthy choices.  He has found a group of guys at the Y who share similar goals and they inspire each of other to keep moving and laughing as they go.

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