What is a typical day in a childcare center?

Your child belongs at the Y!

At the YMCA, we offer multiple childcare programs including infant care, toddler care, preschool, kindergarten, afterschool care, school days out, and kid’s club.  We believe the values and skills learned early in life are virtual building blocks for successful adulthood, and that kids deserve a strong start and a safe place to grow. Here are the programs we offer and what they entail.


Infant Care:

The schedule is designed to enrich your infant’s developmental skills and will include daily physical and motor development activities. Ensuring cognitive growth through various interactions and skill-building activities is essential to the program, but above all, a loving and caring environment is most important.


Activities include teaching the infant to keep their head up and grasping and holding things. Along with this, constant interaction and verbal speech will help your child begin to build language skills and learn social cues. With a room full of laughter, learning, and love, your child will have a busy and productive day of learning and growing.

Toddler Care:


During the toddler care program, your child will learn cognitive development, and how to build language skills through constant reading and language lessons. Strong support of emotional and social development through demonstrating positive and constructive behavior is practiced by your toddler during the day

Preschool and Kindergarten:


Through play, children at the preschool and kindergarten program learn how to manage feelings, emotions, and relationships. In addition, due to the collaborative nature of the program, they also learn how to cooperate, share, and listen to others. Don’t think your child is ready for an all-day program yet? We have part-time options too!

Afterschool Care:


The YMCA’s Afterschool Care program is dedicated to children ages 5 to 12, focusing on education, leadership, and character development. The program also includes homework assistance, enrichment, art, music, physical activity, character development, and most importantly, fun! There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a YMCA afterschool program.

School Days Out:


When school breaks occur, the school days out program offers a nurturing environment for children to make new friends, create science and art projects, and participate in other academic enrichment activities as well as provide lots of opportunities to play. Children will continue to learn and grow even when school is not in session.


Kid’s Club:


If you are a member of the YMCA, you receive up to two hours daily of free child watch by our experienced and trained staff that include playful and engaging activities. With curriculum-based experiences, your children will be taught values that they can use for the rest of their childhood and use their creativity and imagination daily.


While every day is never the same at the YMCA, there are guaranteed memories to be made and lessons to be learned at the childcare center! Learn more information, and enroll your child today!

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati