What You Need to Become a Lifeguard

When it comes to summer jobs, being a lifeguard is probably the first one that comes to mind for many people. With so many places you can find a body of water, there is no shortage in the need to have lifeguards to protect swimmers. While there is always a need for lifeguards, becoming one isn’t as simple as just knowing how to swim and submitting an application. To become one, you will need to take a certification course to learn all the skills to keep people safe around water.


Picking a Lifeguard Certification Course

The first step towards starting your lifeguarding job will be finding a course to get your certification. This course will teach you all the skills you will need to do the work of a lifeguard. When choosing a course, it will be important to keep in mind the requirements of the place you would like to apply to. Some jobs will require certifications from certain organizations or specific training depending on the type of water features at their location. Be sure to find the course that’s right for the job you want.


What Should You Expect from a Lifeguarding Course?

What your lifeguard certification course is like will depend on what organization is running the class. While the classes may slightly differ, they will all focus on the skills you will need as a lifeguard to promote water safety. More than likely, your course will start by having participants perform prerequisite skills to show they will be able to complete the basic swimming skills of the course. The prerequisite skills can include the following:


  • Swimming a predetermined distance under a specific time.
  • Diving from the surface of the water to retrieve objects.
  • Treading water for a designated time.


After passing your prerequisite skills, the actual lifeguarding course will begin! Each lifeguard course will typically consist of in-water and classroom sessions where participants will learn and practice water rescue skills as well as valuable knowledge to care for those who need help. Some of the skills participants will learn in their lifeguard course will include:


  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Water Rescue Skills
  • Care for Spinal Injuries


Submit Your Application

After passing your class lifeguard class and earning your certification, it’s time to apply for the job! Take your time to read the application and fill out the answers, and make sure to go back and look through your answers before submitting them. After reviewing your application, the employer you sent your application to will more than likely ask you to see the skills you learned in your course. Spend some time before your interview reviewing the skills to make sure you’re ready.


We believe that the safety of swimmers is a top priority. That’s why we offer lifeguard training courses to ensure that future lifeguards are well-trained and ready to prevent incidents and respond in emergencies. In order to promote water safety and protect our visitors around any body of water, we offer lifeguard positions for candidates that are trained and hold current certifications.


Are you interested in becoming a lifeguard or have more questions? Contact us today!


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