Winter ActivitiesWinter Activities

Winter Activities and Events for Family

Winter Activities and Events For Family


As winter comes, so does colder weather. However, colder weather doesn’t mean that the fun has to go away! Many might think that a drop in the temperature means being forced to stay inside with nothing to do, but we are here to prove the opposite. Here are several indoor and outdoor winter activities for the whole family.


Indoor/Inside Activities

  • Creative Desserts – The holiday season is full of treats, goodies, and a plentiful amount of food. A lot of the goodies during the holiday season are holiday-themed, which gives everyone the great opportunity to get creative. If you prefer to stay at home because it’s cold outside, consider creating creative desserts! This can keep kids, teens, and even adults entertained.
  • Movie Night In – Sometimes, the best thing to do is gather a bunch of blankets, prepare some hot chocolate and cookies, and snuggle in for a movie marathon. The movies can be holiday-themed or not! It’s your night, your choice.
  • Neighbor or Family Dinners – One of the best parts of the holiday season is found in the closeness that friends and family portray towards one another. Everyone seems to be just a bit more giving and a bit jollier. Having a virtual or Covid-19 safe holiday dinner can help strengthen family and friendship bonds. It also reminds everyone about the important things during the holiday season.
  • Light Admiration – During winter, many like to decorate the exterior of their homes with lights and other details. Some people really go all out and create some amazing spectacles. Others are more modest with their decorations. Going out for a drive to observe these differently decorated homes provides a great way to spend time with family or even alone. It also keeps you inside the vehicle, which helps keep you warm.

Outdoor Activities

  • Serve – This is a great way to serve your community, kids, parents, neighbors, etc. Activities for serving can be extremely simple and easy as well. Going over to clean a neighbor’s driveway or brush off their car from snow are two examples of simple service. There are countless possibilities, and many of them can be done as a family.
  • Ice Skating Rink – Most towns and cities set up some kind of skating rink when the winter season rolls around. The best part about it is that you don’t have to be a pro to go! Going to the local ice-skating rink is a great way to get out of the home and engage a bit with the community.
  • Parades – Similar to the skating rink, most towns and cities have at least one parade during the holiday season. These parades are usually based on local and communal events and activities. Unless your neighborhood or town puts on parades for any reason, these holiday parades provide unique and fun opportunities for children and adults.
  • Winter Sports – An easy way to ease the cold of winter is to warm up outside! Sports such as soccer, baseball, or football can provide a fun escape from the indoors. If you’re in the snow, make sure to play with a yellow or orange ball to not lose it!


At the YMCA of Cincinnati, we have all kinds of winter activities for the whole family to enjoy. Here, you can find the perfect holiday activity to keep you and your family entertained! If you have questions about which activities are best for you, contact us! We love helping families and individuals with their questions or concerns.

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