Membership Facilities Closed

Because many of our members are maintaining their membership, we are able to continue serving the community with child care, free meals and senior citizen check-ins. Please let us know if you need to change your membership until we can reopen.

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Infant Care | Childcare | Programs & Activities | YMCA of Greater CincinnatiInfant Care | Childcare | Programs & Activities | YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Infant Care

The YMCA provides well-trained professional staff that give your child the attention and care that they need in a nurturing home-like environment. New skills are encouraged for each child as they progress through the developmental stages.

Infant Childcare at the YMCA

Set up on an individual basis, according to the schedule provided by the parent/guardian to the center and is designed to enrich the infant’s developmental skills. Our caregivers are highly skilled and trained to provide your child with a loving environment. Infants will have daily physical and motor development activities.

Available at the following locations:

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